Part 3: The Style Alumnae

Today we chat to Cecylia from Cecylia wears our Mon Colette Coat-Dress in white lace and is available to purchase online or at The Estelle Store.

Photography by Meagan Harding

Name: Cecylia Kee

Occupation: Blogger/ Veterinarian / Mother

What’s your definition of style?

Effortlessness. Leading a self-controlled life filled with love, joy and compassion.

You inspire and empower many women with your own style, who are your fashion icons and inspirations?

In terms of celebs, I think Diane Kruger, Camilla Belle and Eva Green are simply stunning. Their styles are consistently elegant and chic. In terms of fashion editors, Taylor Tomasi Hill is my all-time favourite, plus she’s about to become a mom too! And believe it or not, but something Jesus Christsaid has always inspired me “Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?” Having a good figure is even better than having good clothes. (That’s why models look good even in ‘brown paper bags’).

Why did you select this Micky In The Van outfit?

My heart skipped a beat when I laid my eyes on the this heavenly coat dress. I love everything about this floral maxi shirt dress: the colour, the fabric, the length, and the pockets! I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out that it was available for me to wear! It reminds me a bit of Caroline Herrera and it is the epitome of resort chic. Oh Micky in the Van, you’ve done it again!

What are three key items of clothing/accessories/footwear that you believe are must haves?

If I had to jet off to an unknown destination in 5 minutes, this is what I’d pack.

  1. 1. A pair of well cut blue jeans to take you from day to night, work to weekend, that you can have and to hold for seasons on end…
  2. A chic and comfortable dress that you can wear to lunch with the girls or to cocktail parties.
  3. A pair of ballet flats (preferably by Repetto) and pumps to take you to any occasion. OK so this is actually 2 things. But I figured that I’ll be wearing the flats on the plane so they don’t count… 🙂

What would be one essential piece of fashion advice that you’d like to pass on to the sisterhood?

“If it doesn’t make you feel fabulous, don’t buy/wear/keep it.” I need to learn to apply this in my own life 🙂

What is a mantra/quote that you follow that has helped you with your success?

“Every day is worth dressing up for.” – Cecylia

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