Micky In The Van Collection Launch


On Tuesday the 5th of May, 2015, I presented my latest collection to my friends from Melbourne’s media. It was held at my store, the place where I find my greatest solace and inspiration so it was only fitting that it would be presented in my sanctuary. It was set in a salon style with white wooden chairs, adorned with luscious leafy green decorations and illuminated with candles.

As guests arrived they were photographed by Vincent Caldron from Your Ensemble. I love seeing these images, I am reminded that I am surrounded by dynamic, independent women who wear their authentic style with power and attitude!

After the guests were ushered to their seats, Kristine Walker, my wonder woman friend, welcomed and introduced the event. The store lights went off, the stage light went on and out came Kate Bright an opera singer who sung Abschied Von Frankreich. Accompanying Kate was Maria Hontales who performed a ballet solo. This heralded the ambience so beautifully and to even know the meaning behind the song Kate sung, of Mary Queen Of Scots leaving France for a new life but leaving a part of her in her beautiful homeland, made it all the more profound and magical. I sat in the back room, listening with a flooding heart, it was just so sublime.

Now it was my time to step out. I decided to present my collection in a unique format. I dressed and undressed my model, Rona Nguyen, in front of the audience so they could understand the whole process.

I know there are fashion designers creeping and looming from all artist haunts who love to design pretty little dresses. I too love to design a pretty little dress, but for me, it’s so much more than that. My designs are my wearable word. I am the narrator and I write my narrative through the clothes I design. They tell my story. It’s the only way I know how to share my voice. Like a painter, the female form is my blank canvas and similarly as a painter applies each brushstroke on his canvas, I am able to tell my story, piece by piece, dressing the female figure.

I really would love to think that the audience were moved by this performance as it truly is me wearing my passion on my sleeve.

Attached are images taken by Vincent and a link to our You Tube video, filmed and edited by Kayla Piccolo.

With love,

Estelle x

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  1. Congratulations beautiful lady! That looks like such a special evening, the perfect culmination of your inspirations and talents. Thankyou for continuing to remind us that fashion with soul still exists. xx

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