The Style Alumnae, Series 2 with Tiffany Marie Newman

Name: Tiffany Newman

Tiff is wearing our Billy’s Pant and Billy’s Top in grey plaid

Occupation: Digital Marketing & PR Strategist

What’s your definition of style?

Style is an expression of true individuality. Style is something that transcends fashion lasting beyond trend and beyond season.


You inspire and empower many women with your own style, who are your fashion icons and inspirations?

I am not sure about inspiring many women but I try to stay true to who I am within my own aesthetic. I am honestly inspired by the women that surround me. They are strong, creative and each have their own sense of style. In terms of style icons I would have to say Garance Dore. She is so chic and marches to the beat of her own drum. I love how she mixes high and low so seamlessly.


Why did you select this Micky In The Van outfit and what are your thoughts on the label?

I am a very simple girl when it comes to my style however I like to add in elements of my own personality. I wear black, white and all the shades of grey in my day to day, so something structured, minimalist but also eccentric like this outfit suited me personally.


What are three key items of clothing/accessories/footwear that you believe are must haves?

A good pair of denim jeans whether ripped or drop crotch (my fav), a crisp white shirt and a leather jacket jacket.


What would be one essential piece of fashion advice that you’d like to pass on to the sisterhood?

Style is such a personal thing. The one thing I always take with me is to feel comfortable in whatever I am wearing, whether it is a cocktail dress, leather pants or daily denim shirts. If I feel comfortable chances are my outfit will look effortless. Yes. Effortless is the key.


What is a mantra/quote that you follow that has helped you with your success?

Work hard, start at the bottom and work your way up and never stop learning. Becoming complacent can be detrimental. Continue to challenge yourself everyday and most of all surround yourself with creative souls who believe in you. Because success is not a one man game.

This is the first of The Style Alumnae for the second series.


Estelle x

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