The Style Alumnae, Series 2 with Alexia Petsinis

Name: Alexia Petsinis
Alexia is wearing our Billy’s Pant and Temple In Town Swing Jacket

Occupation: Fashion and lifestyle illustrator

What’s your definition of style?
Style is the colour and shape of your spirit. I don’t think it’s a tangible entity, as much as it’s a figment of the imagination. Style is every literary work I’ve read, every de Kooning picture I’ve stood before in awe. For me, style is about worldliness. I think, ironically, style comes from every visual discourse around me, least often from ‘fashion’ itself. To say that style equates merely to ‘clothing’ seems to neglect to the beauty and intellect of the wearer; you and I – the figures who imbue simple coloured threads with wild and fantastic narratives.

You inspire and empower many women with your own style, who are your fashion icons and inspirations?
Daisy Buchanan from F. Scott Fitzgenald’s novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ is one of my ultimate fashion icons – frivolous, yet refined, with just the right amount of ‘popsparkle’ to make a lasting impression on everyone who crosses her path.

I really love Groucho Marx – because his eyebrows were his ultimate accessory. Even though he was a hilarious man, he had it sorted in terms of style; black, white and eyebrows. When you think about it, eyebrows match every single outfit you can ever wear in your life, so you might as well make them your best accessory…

Gala Dali – she was kind of like the ultimate ‘Surreal’ woman, a vision of all her husband’s wildest dreams and fantasies, but I love how subtle and modest she kept her clothing. Always a simple pencil skirt and a cropped jacket. You’d never guess what passions she had raging inside her. The exterior was always measured and understated.

…Oh and Audrey!

Why did you select this Micky In The Van outfit and what are your thoughts on the label?
I selected this outfit because it made me feel like I was jumping into one of my illustrations! Head to toe happy. I become sad sometimes when I see a lot of ‘monochrome trends’ going on. What provision is there for ladies who are a little untamed in spirit, and want to colour the world?

Micky In The Van is just that – untamed and unaffected by what is supposedly ‘on point’ in terms of trends. The label is innovative on an almost architectural scale – wide (wide) leg pants, long line jackets, cropped capes – it really accommodates for the fact that clothing is ultimately a house for the moving body.

What are three key items of clothing/accessories/footwear that you believe are must haves?

  • A cosy mohair jumper
  • Simple pearl earrings
  • A full circle skirt (for swirling in!)

What would be one essential piece of fashion advice that you’d like to pass on to the sisterhood?:
Don’t look inside the world of fashion for inspiration and style cues. You might not find them there or else you will just get bogged down. The further you venture out, the more you are likely to cultivate your own refreshing ‘style’.

What is a mantra/quote that you follow that has helped you with your success?
Coco Chanel said: ‘If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.’
Every time these words run through my head, I remind myself that we are the makers of our own success; nobody can craft your ‘wings’ for you. You are the only one that can allow yourself to fly. Believe you can. Even if you start deep down in the ground, if you want it bad enough, if you work for it tirelessly, you will soar higher than you ever thought possible.
(I am slowly finding all this out!)



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