Micky In The Van burst onto the Australian fashion scene in 2012; an evocative and passionate expression of the designer’s inner musings, her journey, her story. Not surprisingly, Melbourne designer Estelle Michaelides received an overwhelming response to her latest collection show in August. Business Chic.com.au spoke of the ‘…magical memories… originality, beauty and creativity’ that imbued the intimate gathering. Micky in the Van has captured the hearts of an increasing number of devotees keen to own the wearable art label and express their unique take on femininity through Michaelides’ distinct designs.

Michaelides now feels ready to take her eclectic label to an international audience and has accepted an invitation from The Australian Designer Trunk Show in New York to show her designs at the upcoming 2014 fashion week in September. ‘It is an amazing opportunity to share my designs with a wider audience and I am so excited to be able to take Micky In The Van to New York’.

Key pieces from the new collection include bold full-length skirts in African wax cotton, colourful turbans and hints of street wear. Flamboyant and bright, understated and classic, the diverse collection gracefully swathe the female form – a key inspiration behind the designer’s work.

Trained as a milliner, Michaelides has a completely authentic and deeply creative approach to her designs. Her ideas come from within and draw on her unique view of the world, not what the designer next door is doing.

Her flair is reflected in her appreciation of everything from high-end fashion to street wear both locally and globally drawing inspiration from vintage trends, skate culture and traditional dress.

Proudly Australian, with Greek heritage, Estelle Michaelides produces her quality pieces locally, supporting Australian manufacturers and other homegrown designers through her retail store The Estelle Store.

For further information, contact Estelle Michaelides

Email: Estelle.michaelides@gmail.com

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